Our Team


The PreciKam team is built upon respect and is made up of a highly skilled group of people, most have come to Canada from around the world.  We speak over 18 languages (as of February 2021); We have over twenty team members voluntarily enrolled with Rosetta Stone language training to further increase our understanding of each other.

We are proud of and celebrate that our team has representatives of every major religious tradition, colour, and race.  We embrace people of every orientation, gender identity and socio-economic background.  We strive to be open, tolerant and understanding of each other.

Our diversity is represented at all levels of the company with four of six executives being new Canadians representing 4 continents.  The majority of our managers, front line supervisors and frontline team members are new Canadians from every continent except Antarctica.


Some of our team include:

Abdessamad Ismaili (aismailli@precikam.com) leads the Production, postproduction, finishing and shipping team.  Since assuming responsibility for all aspects of production in December 2019 Abdessamad and his team have started an internally led change that has resulted in a 5% drop in our scrap rates, significant improvement in Quality and on time delivery.  Our shop is respectful, clean and calm.

Carol Fernandes, FCCA (cfernandes@precikam.com)  leads Finance and Accounting with extensive international experience.

Claude Eloy (celoy@precikam.com) leads our training, health and safety team.  With decades of experience in plastic Injection manufacturing the entire company benefits from his experience.

Jack McDonald (jmcdonald@precikam.com) is the company’s President and heads the executive team.  Jack is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business at seventeen.

Maxim Turcan P. Eng.  (Mturcan@precikam.com)  leads our QA department which is very empowered and rigorous in their internal auditing and daily QA roles.  Our QA team represents 8% of our workforce and are key in driving the continuous improvement the company is making in all aspects of our operation.

Oliver Neu (oneu@precikam.com), leads the tool room.  He and his team of master tool makers and machinists either build directly or closely supervise all mold designing, mould making and repairs.

Pierre Cameron (Pcameron@Precikam.com) leads Partner Relations and Project Engineering.   This is the group that will take you through the process and make sure everything is as you need it.  They will help ensure that we provide you real value and fair costs.

Susan Raywood (Sraywood@precikam.com) Leads Human Resources and Special Projects who brings her very high personal standards to this job and the entire company.

However, every member of the team is well trained and suited for their jobs. We have team members with post secondary, Bachelor and Master’s degrees throughout the organization at every level.