Clean Room Assembly

  • ISO 13485 accredited
  • In-house certified Class 7 and 8 (portable) clean rooms, Class 9 facility
  • Trained and experienced clean room operators on all shifts (24-hour operation)
  • Strict Risk management
  • Molding
  • Assembly
  • Dedicated Ultrasonic welding and other assembly systems in clean room.
  • Medical level document and process control available.

With our modern clean rooms, we can produce and assemble anything that requires strict cleanliness and control.  By keeping molding and assembly in house we reduce your risk, improve delivery time, reduce scrap and help control costs.

      Controlled Environment Assembly

        • Various accreditations
        • Highly skilled and experienced assembly operators on all shifts (24-hour operation)
        • Strict risk management
        • Ultrasonic and heat staking assembly.
        • Robotic assembly
        • Manual assembly
        • At point of injection assembly
        • Document and process control available.
        • Assembly only projects

        With well educated and skilled team we manage assembly with strict protocols and procedures. By keeping assembly in house, we reduce your risk, improve delivery time, reduce scrap and help control costs.


        Precision Molding


        Precision molding requires knowledge, skill and a clear focus on innovation and adaptability. The PreciKam team applies all these traits to every project:

        • We specialize in tolerances few companies would even consider, thin-walled complex geometry is our niche.
        • From micro molding machines to 300 tons, we can supply your production needs.
        • 24-hour (3 shift) production
        • Over 78 years (combined companies) of industry knowledge with a commitment to continuous improvement.
        • Team of professionals conversant with the latest precision molding technologies and able to devise new solutions for design challenges.
        • Industrial-side

        • Innovators in high-performance thermoplastics.
        • Proprietary technology, we have proven ourselves capable of delivering the right solution at the right time for even the most demanding projects.
        • We offer an uncompromising commitment to our customers, providing them with timely delivery of high precision moldings that meet or exceed their standards.
        • ISO 13485 (medical device),
        • IATF (automotive)
        • AS 9100 (Aerospace and defence)
        • Controlled Goods registered
        • C-TPAT registered
        • And much more

        Sophisticated Quality Assurance Process and Equipment

        PreciKam has invested heavily in state-of-the-art CMM machines from the two world-leading manufacturers Zeiss and Mitutoyo.  We have both optical and probe capability.

        We have detailed inspection plans for all products and can tailor our QA system to you needs.

          PreciKam Knowledge Centre

          We believe that even the best and smartest team needs to keep current.  As a result, PreciKam was pleased to build and open the PreciKam Knowledge Centre in early 2021.  This twelve-person dedicated training centre provides our training and safety teams and full-time space to ensure we keep the team up with the latest in the industry.

          This in addition to the weekly all hands meetings we hold every week to review safety, QA, training and company news.

            In-house Tool Design, Manufacturing and Repair

            The two original companies that came together to form PreciKam were started by European trained master tool makers.  This heritage has continued to this day.  We are extremely proud of our in-house tool (mold) making experience and ability.  With a fully equipped tool room led by three master tool makers we can make any mold to meet your needs.  Additionally, with over 75 years of existence we have developed an extensive network of resources with other tool makers, globally, in the event your needs do not match our in-house abilities.

            • Highly skilled and experienced tool makers and machinists
            • Strict Risk management
            • In house CNC machining
            • In house EDM machining
            • Over 90 years combined hands on experience between the tool makers
            • Tool room 15 meters from production halls.
            • We will do machining only contracts.

            There is no comparison between a Plastic injection facility with a fully equipped tool room that actually builds and maintains their own molds with one that simply does mold maintenance and repair.  If there is a repair to be done your mold becomes our priority, we do not need to ask and wait for a third party to decide when they can pick-up, repair and eventually return the mold.  At PreciKam the people who design and build your  mold are 15 meters away from the production halls.  Your mold is our priority.


              • Contained and controlled environment
              • Trained and experienced printers on all Shifts (24-hour operation)
              • FOD program
              • Digital
              • Silk Screening
              • Foil print
              • Pad printing
              • In mold label
              • Painting (2021)

              By keeping this service in-house, we have improved quality, reduced scrap, increased customer service speed and reduced your cost as no sub-contractors are involved.

              3D Printing & Prototyping

              • For in-house prototyping
              • Proof of Concept
              • Design trouble shooting

              Insert Molding

              Can provide great flexibility by allowing you to combine different materials in the injection molding process.  For example, we make satellite guidance components that require PreciKam to inject very small amount of a technical resin over very small gold fins.


                  Overmolding allows two different resins to be used on the same part to improve functionality appearance or durability. For example, we make automotive parts with a rigid substrate with a flexible ring to provide a seal. This process can be done using two moulds or one mould performing two operations.


                  Micro Molding Means Small Complex Parts Faster

                  • Cost and production efficiencyare critical to maintaining a competitive edge.
                  • PreciKam’s micro molding technologymaximizes efficiencies to save production time and lower costs for you.
                  • You get more parts per poundof resin than with conventional micro molding equipment, reducing waste and cost.
                  • Reducing risk of resin degradation.
                  • More economical toolingand reduced lead time.
                  • Ability to mold extremely complex partsnot possible on conventional micro molding equipment.

                    Reel to Reel Molding

                    Automates production of small parts.

                    • Greater convenience and lower costs for small components.
                    • Reel to reel molding, or strip molding, is used to mold plastic parts that require sequential and automatic assembly but are difficult to orient or align.
                    • PreciKam uses its expertise in tool design, equipment, and micromolding techniques to produce such sequential parts in one unit.

                    Plastic Part Machining

                    Beyond just injecting plastic PreciKam is capable of machining parts in order to complete complex geometry that molding alone cannot create.  This allows you greater design freedom and can reduce the number of individual parts that then require assembly.

                    • Highly skilled and experienced machine operators on all shifts (24-hour operation)
                    • Strict Risk management
                    • CNC and manual machining
                    • Rigorous quality
                    • Tumblers
                    • Strict safety protocols to protect our team.

                    With a well-educated and skilled team we manage machining with strict protocols and procedures. By keeping machining in-house, we reduce your risk, improve delivery time, reduce scrap and help control costs.